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Longisland Leather products are now in SPECTRUM Lounge Hong Kong Central Market.


We are glad that we had great conversations with the SPECTRUM Lounge HK at the previous time. After coordinating for a while, our leather products the SIMPLY Cardholder & the SIDECAR Keyholder are now available at the SPECTRUM Lounge HK in the Hong Kong Central Market.

SPECTRUM Lounge HK is a brand Infusing art-crafting experience into daily shopping, and endeavours to create a layered customer experience. They provide artistry products and workshops to the public. It is our honour to be invited to sell in the Central Market store.

In the past 2 years, Longisland Leather participated in some of the weekend markets in different shopping centres (e.g. D2 place, K11 Artmall). The results were encouraging and we are thankful that our products are attractive to our previous customers. Since the period of weekend markets are so limited. We understand that many of our Instagram followers, or shall we call them potential customers, who saw our product photos before did not have a chance to see and touch our unique high-quality leather goods. Which might stop you from purchasing. And now, you shall not miss the opportunity of seeing our actual products. Having our own store is actually one of our dreams. This is our first time selling through a consignment store. As a milestone step to achieve our goal. Your support will be our greatest encouragement. Visit the SPECTRUM Lounge HK store now to get your unique genuine leather goods.


(Update: Products of Longisland Leather are no longer available on Spectrum, Central Market. However, we will keep having leather workshops cooperate in the future.)


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Longisland Leather's products is now available in Spectrum Lounge Central Market store.


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